Super Smash Flash 2

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Super Smash Flash 2 is, in fact, one of the most popular fighting flash game which counts thousands of fans all over the world. The game is known not only because of its amazing gameplay, graphics and sounds, it is also popular because it features a lot of popular characters. In Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) you can fight using your favorite characters, such as Kirby, Link, Mario, Pikachu, Mega Man and many others.

Super Smash Flash 2 is the best game for those who like playing fighting games online. As we have already told you, there is a big variety of characters in the game, and the most interesting thing is that all characters are unique and have unique powers. All in all, there are 28 characters in the game, but only 13 of them are available at the beginning of the game. Each character has about 5 attack movements, but some of them have also special attack skills.

SSF2 is, in fact, is more than an ordinary flash game. Have you ever seen a flash game that features 28 unique characters with several game modes(single mode, tournament mode, multiplayer mode)? The only fact that the game weights more than 50 MB allow us to call it the greatest game ever.

Super Smash Flash 2 can be played online at our website here. You can even download the SSF2 to your computer and play it in your browser later, offline. As the game is rather big(features great sound effects and graphics) it requires some time to load, so please be patient.
The controls of the game are very simple comprising of a few keys:

  • A = Left
  • D = Right
  • S = Down
  • W = Jump or up
  • P = Attack 1
  • O = Attack 2
  • I = Shield
  • 1 = Taunt
  • Backspace = Pause

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A Review Of The Best Super Smash Flash 2 Characters

There are so many Super Smash Flash 2 characters to choose from that it can be difficult deciding which to play with. In order to help you judge which is the best, this review will take the top twenty characters – as rated by the game’s official tier list – and assess their position based on their beneficial skills and weak attributes.

#20 – Yoshi



Poor Yoshi is one of those loveable characters that we all enjoy playing with until it comes down to the serious battle. He is a playable newcomer rated at heavy-light and it is not hard to see why he is ranked right at the bottom of this list because his general performance in all aspects of gameplay is sub-par with few redeeming features.

#19 – Sonic



Sonic is an example of a well-loved character and playable veteran than his seen their ranking plummet dramatically because of changes to the game. While his speed and techniques remain strong, his range low priorities and lack of a projectile mean he deserves his low ranking.

#18 – Link
Considering this character’s traits and reputation you would probably expect Link to rank much higher in this game but despite some character improvements compared to previous games, he is still trailing behind most other characters in terms of skills and attributes.

#17 – Megaman
Megaman is another mediocre, heavyweight character with as many strengths in his arsenal as weaknesses – in fact, the most interesting thing about his inclusion in this title is the reversion to the classic blue look.

#16 – Tails



Like Sonic, Tails has also slipped in the ratings compared to other, improved characters. This veteran’s light weight works in his favor because of his speed, recovery and finishing but the reliability of his attacks and combos means he is less desirable than other options.

#15 – Black Mage
This newcomer from the Final Fantasy universe is unlockable in the v0.7 game as another lightweight character but ranks rather poorly considering his skill set. There are definite flaws to this character, such as poor range and lack of projectile, but his finishes, aerial moves and speed work in his favor.

#13 – Lloyd and Peach



For some reason, Lloyd and Peach share rank and cannot be separated on their strengths as a character. Both characters are middle-lightweights and it is nice to see a female character of this nature represented so highly on the list. Peach has seen many improvements in this game – although there are limitations to her attacks and range – while Lloyd’s range and tactics are great but his KO and projectile reliability leaves a lot to be desired.

#12 – Goku
This middle-heavyweight newcomer is the only addition from the Dragonball universe and he ranks nicely in the middle of this list despite his weakened characteristics from other games. His strengths are his attacks, tactics and fantastic down aerial move.

#11 – Manu
This middleweight veteran of the game has seen a rise in his official ranking with this edition because he provides a generally good, balanced performance with good recovery and speed. His only problems are his KOs and vulnerability.

#10 – Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

DK is another old favorite from the golden days of Nintendo that players are attracted to for his character traits and weight. The heaviest by far, Donkey Kong is a little limited by his size and speed – hence his position in the chart – but he does offer a range of useful skills continued from the Smash Bros games.

#9 – Captain Falco
Falco, a character that becomes unlockable in v0.8, is the second heaviest character in the series and ranks surprisingly high in the listings considering the number of pros and cons to his gameplay. He is great when it comes to combos and very difficult to KO, however, his attacks are awkward and his recovery is limited.

#8 – Kirby
You have to either love or hate Kirby as a character but he is an underestimated opponent in these games and deserves his place in the top 10. His lightweight status may be his shortcoming but his aerial and KO moves are great and he is very difficult to combo against.

#7 – Pikachu
The only Pokémon character currently available, this lightweight veteran makes up for his lack of weight and range with fantastic speed, and a projectile that many other characters cannot match

#6 – Fox
Fox McCloud is another playable veteran that is bringing their Smash Bros moves to this title and deserves their place in the top 10. Fox’s strengths are his range, speed, combos and finishes and he is only let down by his falling speed and lack of a projectile.

#5 – Naruto
Naruto is another middleweight character that has seen some significant improvements through the changes in this game. His new moves and combos are certainly stronger, earning him such a high ranking but he is a little let down by his follow-ups and range.

#4 – Sora



Sora is a playable newcomer from the Kingdom Hearts series that ranks highly for their lightweight status and unfamiliarity. A fantastic all-rounder, Sora combines combos range and techniques to become an ideal character choice with finishing being their only downfall.

#3 – Ichigo
Another example of a less familiar and universally loved character ranking highly in the game, Ichigo is another great choice. This middle heavyweight newcomer may have a fast falling speed and poor recovery but his range and combos are highly rated and he has the rarity of a beneficial projectile.

Naruto#2 – Ness
Never judge a character by their appearance. Ness is a middle-lightweight character with a surprising amount to offer. Every aspect of his gameplay is worthwhile, with all his skills and attributes being beneficial with the exception of his recovery.

#1 – Wario
Finally, we come to the number one spot on the official ranking and a surprise winner in the form of Mario’s archenemy Wario. Another middleweight newcomer, Wario has shot up the rankings thanks to the new physics of the games which have helped hone his skills into more effective moves. His combos, tactics and speed are improved and his only weaknesses are his range and lack of a projectile.


This list is just a guide to the best Super Smash Flash 2 characters, and there is no guarantee that all players will find success with the characters in this specific ranking, but hopefully, this review gives you an idea of what to expect and who to avoid.